For Comprehensive Customer Care

Samesor is dedicated to keeping our customers` businesses rolling through the life cycle of the investment. Our services are available worldwide with fast and reliable deliveries. Our Service Team consisting of rollforming specialists are ready to help you in all service needs!

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Even the best machines need care and maintenance. Preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding expensive shut-downs and to keeping Samesor lines running year after year. Beside repairs, Samesor offers comprehensive maintenance packages and contracts for carefree and affordable servicing – always with an easy-to-read inspection and maintenance report, including recommendations!

  • Repair and adjusting
  • Annual maintenance packages
  • Audit services (machine, profile and safety inspection)
  • Site care maintenance contracts
  • Line location transfers

Spare Parts And Reconditioning

Original spare parts ensure maximum durability and functioning of Samesor machines through their life cycle. Cutting and pressing tool reconditioning services are an affordable and ecological way to extend the life time of used tools and keep the profile quality perfect. Both spare parts and reconditioning services are available Worldwide:

  • Spare parts
  • Spare parts packages and contracts
  • Forming, cutting, punching and pressing tools
  • Reconditioning services for used cutting and pressing tools to recover the original shape, functioning and durability


Samesor provides a wide range of services to extend the profitable life cycle of your machine by adding new features, changing the profile, updating equipment or boosting production efficiency and capacity. The catalog also covers control, software and data monitoring related upgrades to keep the automation level of the machines up-to-date.

  • Profile changes and updates
  • Mechanical, hydraulic or electric system upgrades
  • Control, program and software updates
  • Data monitoring updates
  • CAD program integrations for prefab machines
  • Roll forming cassettes for existing machines and frames
Samesor engineers training the customer


Are you facing challenges related to product quality, waste management, productivity or line servicing? In many cases, additional training is the best and most affordable way to get instant results and improvements. Our training services are for boosting the skills of your personnel to a new level, resulting in increased productivity and quality of work:

  • Operator training
  • Maintenance training
  • Startup training periods


The modern remote connections of Samesor machines enable instant worldwide troubleshooting and support from the Samesor factory, saving both time and money. Regardless of the customer’s location, Samesor Remote specialists can connect the machine through the internet for various support, diagnostic and service actions. Remote connection equipment is also available for older-generation rollforming machines as upgrade kits:

  • Diagnostic and technical support
  • Monitoring and training
  • Software and parameter changes
  • Remote connection equipment kits
  • Remote care service contracts

Product Design

The aim of the service is to design innovative sheet metal products according to customers` wishes and the latest market trends. Experienced Samesor designers are at your service if you are looking for new profiles or features that change the rules of the game.

  • Feasibility studies and profile sketching
  • 3D modelling and simulation
  • Profile 3D print service for market testing