About Us

Samesor specialises in sheet-metal-processing machinery and related services. We serve the sheet metal industry worldwide by designing and manufacturing advanced production lines with the experience of more than 50 years. Our ambition is to create industry-benchmark manufacturing solutions combining maximum efficiency and reliability.

Our roots are in Kuopio, Finland where our story started back in the 1960s. Today, after multiple innovations and some 1,000 machines delivered to over  60 countries, Samesor is recognised as one of the pioneers in the field. We are still excited about roll forming and are continuously further developing our offerings and actions to meet our clients’ high expectations.

Our staff of about 50 professionals are ready to help you with all sheet metal processing and product related questions!

Extended Deliveries

When choosing Samesor, you simply get more. Beside the advanced manufacturing technology, you will also have all necessary services for the successful and efficient commissioning of the new investment. For example, site installation and training are always included in the machine delivery projects. Our projects are not just the delivery of the machine, but the beginning of long-term partnership.

Our Services

Our service promise is clear: We are dedicated to keeping the businesses of our customers rolling by delivering a wide variety of valuable services and customer support worldwide. From spare parts, maintenance services, remote support and training to upgrades, you can count on Samesor specialists to help.


We serve the customers in the sheet metal working industry worldwide by creating advanced production solutions and related services for the fabrication of high-quality sheet metal products. Products for roofing, for cladding & facades and for steel construction are our core competence. Since 1964, we have delivered about 1000 machines from Finland to all over the world, to more than 60 countries. Our ambition is to create industry benchmark manufacturing solutions, and to offer comprehensive customer care. 

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