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Samesor specializes in sheet metal processing machinery and related services. We serve the sheet metal industry worldwide by designing and manufacturing advanced production lines, leveraging our 60 years of experience. Our ambition is to create industry benchmark manufacturing solutions that combine maximum efficiency and reliability.

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A Forerunner in Roll Forming

Our roots are in Kuopio, Finland, where our story began in 1964 as a manufacturer of metal parts, especially by machining. By 1969, the company had started to develop and deliver technology based on roll forming for sheet metal product manufacturing. Ever since, Samesor has continued to be a forerunner in roll forming. We remain excited about roll forming and are continuously further developing our offerings and actions to meet clients’ high expectations.

Our staff of about 50 professionals is ready to help you with all sheet metal processing and product-related questions.

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Proven Quality – Constant Innovations

Samesor machines are known for their advanced properties, combining production efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and excellent end-product quality. We maintain ongoing close collaboration with our clients to develop both new profiles and new technologies for their success. Throughout our history, we have introduced multiple patented innovations and are dedicated to being at the forefront in the future as well.

Samesor delivers both standard manufacturing lines and custom-made machines. Our ability to assist customers with end-product development and tailor-made machines for unique profile manufacturing is recognized among our customers.

Our long history in short


Savon Metalli Sorvaamo was established by innovative sheet metal experts.


The company was renamed Samesor Oy and began developing and delivering roll forming technology.


The first model of Samesor roll forming machine was sent to the first customer.


Erkki Säynenvirta bought out the other founder, and Samesor continued as a family business.


The first Samesor machine crossed the Finnish borders and marked the beginning of our internationalization.


The very first production line for metal roof tile profiles delivered to Sweden.


Samesor machinery was delivered even to Africa (Ivory Coast and Nigeria)!


The first purlin line to Sweden.


The 90s depression led the company to near bankruptcy. The first delivery to Caribbean (rainwater system). New ownership and cooperation time with Lindab Ab.


The first Samesor triple decker line to Indonesia.

The 2000s

Ownership change to Finnish capital investor and key personnel. Strong period in R&D: modular roof tile panel, roof panels with secret fix, automated prefab line for LSF, and CAD/CAM connection.


The U.S. banking crisis rocked the boat severely and the chrisis tested Samesor again. With its dedicated personnel Samesor turns the challenges to opportunities.


An exciting business deal took place when Budmat acquired 100% of Samesor. This creates the potential for substantial expansion into markets in Central and Eastern Europe.


We celebrate our 60th birthday! Today, sheet metal manufacturers rely on Samesor’s machinery already in over 60 countries.

Worldwide Deliveries and Custom Care

In addition to delivering advanced production machines, we are dedicated to keeping our customers’ businesses rolling by offering comprehensive services and care. No matter the need, the Samesor Team will serve you worldwide in all life cycle phases of your investment, from end-product design to ensuring machines operate smoothly year after year.

Need help manufacturing your sheet metal products? When choosing Samesor, you simply get more: high-end production machines, top-quality end products, and support throughout the lifecycle of the line. Many long-term customers of ours are evidence of this.

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Worldwide delivery and customer care at your service.

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