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End-product Features

Samesor’s additional applications for end-product features are precisely what you’re looking for when seeking to add competitive advantage-enhancing features to your products. These devices can be easily integrated into your production line modularly, offering flexibility for installation at any time. These Samesor applications are all about adding value to your customers and boosting your business. Like all Samesor technology, the devices are also designed to work reliably in heavy industrial manufacturing. Most devices are available as both integrated and stand-alone solutions.

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Membrane Applicator

Membrane Applicator


Add value to your profiles with Samesor multipurpose membrane applicator. The applicator is a cost-effective solution for extending the profile offering by adding the following features to the base product:

The applicator is efficient to use due to the fast coil change system, easy adjustment and user-friendly control. Applicator is available in different sizes according to current application and sheet material width. The applicator can be integrated into rollforming machines or it can be used as a stand-alone device. For offset cutting, the device can be equipped with hot wire cutting feature.

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Samesor roll forming machinery and product lines are always tailored just for you.

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Our modular machinery can be altered at every times of your business’ life cycle.

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We are dedicated to keeping our customers’ businesses rolling through the life cycle of the investment.

Why Samesor?

Power of Experience

Samesor machinery is made with superior expertise in product development and 60 years of Finnish know how.

Rolling Strong

We have developed industry-benchmarked roll forming machinery for the sheet metal industry worldwide.

Passionate Partner

We are here for you, with ongoing thirst to create better and better manufacturing solutions.

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