For Boosting Your Business

Samesor devices are for boosting the manufacturing process, adding new functions or extending end-product features. Like all Samesor technology, the devices are also designed to work reliably in heavy industrial manufacturing. Most devices are available as both integrated or stand-alone solutions.

Membrane Applicator

Add value to your profiles with Samesor multipurpose membrane applicator. The applicator is a cost-effective solution for extending the profile offering by adding the following features to the base product:

The applicator is efficient to use due to the fast coil change system, easy adjustment and user-friendly control. There are two versions available: M750 is for narrow products (Coil width max. 750 mm) and XL1200 for max 1200 mm coil width. The applicator can be integrated into rollforming machines or it can be used as a stand-alone device.


Samesor Chopper is a solution for efficient waste sheet management: it is designed for chopping the scrap sheet to pieces for easy handling and conveying. The chopper is typically used after the sheet slitting processes for excess edge scrap handling. Key features:

The handling and conveying system can be tailored according to site arrangements.


Curved roof and wall profiles to add architectural effects to your building! With the Samesor device, the curving can be done to a required radius repeatably. Key features:

The minimum radius starts from one metre depending on the profile section and material. The curver is expandable with automated profile handling devices to increase the efficiency to another level.


The thermoslitter adds a thermo feature steel profiles (up to 2 mm sheet thickness) and frames, reducing cold bridges significantly. The robust device uses a reliable and efficient rotary punching method to perforate thermo slitting patterns. The amount and configuration of slitting rows (up to 12 rows) are freely and quickly adjustable depending on the profile requirements and width.

Samesor Thermoslitter can be utilized in various processes. It works as an independent device or as an integrated part of the steel profile manufacturing machine, like the Samesor Prefab Advanced steel framing line (LSF).


Samesor offers decoilers for 3t – 15t coils up to a 1500 mm sheet width. Our decoilers are known for robust and reliable technology enabling decades of use in a heavy production. Depending on the need, the decoiler can be equipped with multiple options, such as:

Receiving tables and solutions

Samesor offers a wide range of receiving solutions for a profile handling. Solutions are always tailored according to customers` process need and factory layout. The receiving table can be equipped with functions such as:

Receiving and conveying systems can be fully integrated into rollforming machines, allowing automated profile handling.


For the automated wrapping of the profile stack. The Samesor wrapper can be integrated into the production line. It is designed for smooth wrapping, which saves both time and further processing needs; The wrapped package is ready for transport without time-consuming human actions.

Ridge Cap Press

Designed for diverse Ridge Cap profile manufacturing. The device presses the preformed shape into a desired Ridge Cap profile by using special tooling that can be tailored according to customer need. The press has an independent control for it to be used a stand-alone device.

Complete Ridge Cap profile production lines are also available from Samesor. The line contains all the devices and machines needed for automated production.