The power of experience

  • Samesor Prefab Superior, steel frames for multi-storey buildings
  • Cladding solutions with sheet metal facades by Samesor
  • Metal roof tile panels
  • Metal roofing panels manufactured by roll forming sheet metal
  • Metal roof tiles with Samesor® Z-Lock-system
  • Samesor prefabricated steel framing production line
  • Samesor Services provide customer support and maintenance
  • Samesor LGS purlin line offers a wide range of profiles and secondary structures for industrial buildings
  • Samesor's roll forming based production line
  • Steel framing production line making details to the end product
  • Steel framing, manufacturing solutions for steel construction by Samesor
  • Roll forming machine manufacturing sheet metal roof panels
  • 3D modelling software of a Samesor Prefab Superior for prefabricated members and frames


We at Samesor serve our customers in the sheet metal working industry worldwide by designing and manufacturing advanced production lines. We have 50 years of experience in the field. 
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Samesor offers production machines and applications for manufacturing sheet metal products for the construction industry. Our production applications typically include machines for roll formingcoil handling, sheet working, and stacking operations.

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Samesor serves its customer throughout the life cycle of their production lines. Our comprehensive customer care and long-term know-how ensure our customers have reliable production capability for years to come.

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